Micromouse Press Release – MIGAFAX

[heading type=1]MIGAFAX, fax capabilities to cover all your Business needs[/heading]

Madrid, 2014 October 21st

MICROMOUSE, add value distributor and vendor for Fax solutions integration, announced the availability of MIGAFAX, the Zetafax complement that enable fax capability to meet all the needs of your business. This add-on, developed entirely in Micromouse Software Factory and available worldwide, allow companies to improve the efficiency of their systems, while provides capacity for comprehensive fax functionality to all ends of the users and corporate network.

MIGAFAX is the complement to the Zetafax Fax server, provides extended and compatible fax capabilities to support all enterprise endpoints, from users on their own PC, tablet or mobile phone even in a cyber café, to multifunction network devices, email or a network share resource on a file server.

migafaxMIGAFAX is able to integrate with your network infrastructure to provide the fax service that is required of both, send a fax from multiple sources, and receive a fax to multiple destinations, while maintaining confidentiality of delivery with automatic inward routing.

Both MIGAFAX and Zetafax are supported in traditional physical Windows servers, and Windows virtualized environments. This is based on Dialogic SR140 IP connectors and IP Audiocodes gateways, which are available for both analogue lines, ISDN and primary links.

[heading type=2]Key Features of MIGAFAX [/heading]

  • Faxing from multiples environments and devices: Web Client (http and https), Email, Multifunction Devices, Applications, Network Directory and any other needs of your users or infrastructure.
  • Receiving fax specific to each fax number (DDI) available: Web Client (http and https), Email, Multifunction Devices, Applications, Network Directory and any other needs of your users or infrastructure. In addition, for each destination, you can specify the format of fax reception, eg PDF, tif or jpg.
  • User management concurrently supporting users from different directory services. Accommodates manual user management and departmental mailboxes. Rights management allows a user to delegate access to their fax mailbox.
  • Outward Routing to specify the line through which the fax must be sent (dialing rules) and the cover sheet. You can define specific settings to an individual user, although its most common use is for Organizational Units OUs within an Active Directory.
  • White lists to limit the file types that users can send by fax. The administrator can also set a maximum file size, eg 5 MB.
  • Quarantine mailbox which temporarily stores faxes sent by users without faxing permission, where the Administrator may release it or reject it. Quarantine has a life time, after which faxes are automatically deleted.
  • System Activity Log that includes all actions that have taken place through MIGAFAX, both integration with enterprise systems, eg Active Directory synchronization, as registering fax activity of each user.
  • System alerts and reports to detect anomalous behavior of the system. The reporting system allows the Administrator and the Corporation have control MIGAFAX about global corporation visibility, and individual users level.
  • Scalability and Contingency to match the fax business requirements.

[heading type=2]About MICROMOUSE[/heading]

Micromouse is a well-established add value Distributor Company since 1984, we have a renowned expertise in the Spanish EDP market. Our highly qualified staff, plus our sales organization and training division, allows us to provide valuable support to our clients (large corporations, manufacturers and dealers). In June 1990 we signed a CSH agreement with DIGITAL Spain. Since 1995 we are a Microsoft Certified Solution Provider; currently we continue this certification (Microsoft Certified Partner), IAMCP member and HP Business Partner.