Hyena v12.0 coming soon (Demo)

Hyena v12.0 Coming Soon

Hyena v12.0 is scheduled to be released in a few months. One upcoming new feature in v12.0 will be a new ‘Group Policy View’, which will show all group policies assigned to any number of selected OUs (at the same time), along with both OU, group policy, and WMI filtering attributes. It will now be possible to create a comprehensive GPO view of the entire domain showing all linked OU policies.

Additional information on new features in v12.0 will be forthcoming. To ensure you are able to upgrade to Hyena v12.0 when its released, check the hyena_logomaintenance expiration date under Tools > Settings > Licensing. Anyone who purchased v11.7 will be able to upgrade to v12.0 for free.

Hyena v11.7 Updated to rev ‘D’

Hyena v11.7 has been updated for rev ‘D’ from its initial release, and can be downloaded here. Changes include:

Exporter Pro – Added option to export scheduled tasks for new task scheduler (Vista and later)

Rev ‘D’ – Fixed problem with Add/Remove group member function crashing.

Rev ‘C’ – Added ‘Find’ button to ‘Manage Directory Attributes’ function when a DN attribute is selected.

Rev ‘C’ – Enabled scrolling on tree control in Exchange Properties > Email Addresses.

Rev ‘C’ – Changed wording on Edit > Find dialog to better reflect the filtering behavior (English only)

Rev ‘C’ – Fixed problem in Exchange Properties > Mail Restrictions dialog that caused the Send Limits to be hidden.

Rev ‘B’ – Sorted the advanced settings (Tools > Settings > Advanced) by default by the name of the setting.

Rev ‘B’ – Added a new symbol, %SYM_AD_GROUP_PARENT%, that can be added to group member queries to show the ‘parent’ group for indirect group displays. This symbol is useful when nesting groups and showing group membership displays for multiple groups, so that the originating parent group can be added to the output.

Rev ‘B’ – Corrected GUI issue when resizing AD Queries dialog that caused a couple of buttons to not be placed correctly.

Rev ‘B’ – Modified the method used in Active Task to add new objects to groups, in some cases using the new objects’ SID.

Rev ‘B’ – Modified the error message when new objects cannot be added to groups, to show both the group and member path.

Rev ‘B’ – Created a workaround when updating share security information (Share Properties) when the server is a non-Windows filter (for example a NetApp device) to set the security permissions in a different manner.

For a complete list of changes in Hyena v11.7, see the Hyena New Features page.

New SystemTools Blog

We’ve opened a new communication channel for our customers with a new blog located at:


We’ll be using this new blog to keep our customers informed of the latest changes and updates, including some upcoming features in new releases.


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