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Nueva version OpenText ETX 12.2

Nueva versión OpenText ETX 12.2

Ya está disponible Opentext ETX 12.2 (ETX 12 Service Pack 2). Las novedades más importantes que ha incorporado el fabricante en esta nueva reléase son:

  • ETX Server stability: Many important fixes and improvements to ETX Server have been added to improve server startup and login times, ensure proper distribution of runtime to nodes and to increase the stability of HA Server Clusters.
  • Linux ARM Client support: Customers running Linux on ARM may now launch ETX sessions.
  • Session performance improvements: Several significant improvements to compression speed and codec selection, as well as support for client-side hardware video decoding.
  • Suspended session sharing: Ability to share sessions with other users even if the original session owner is offline and the session is suspended.
  • Improved session launch: More detailed status information is shown on the dashboard when launching, resuming and joining sessions, allowing users to track progress and identify launch issues.
  • New version of OpenSSL: Updated from 1.0.2r to 1.1.0e. The latest OpenSSL version provides more secure encryption and security enhancements.

En este enlace se encuentra el documento de Releases Notes de esta nueva versión (En inglés).