Syferlock - ¿Su organización está en riesgo con contraseñas estáticas?

Syferlock – ¿Su organización está en riesgo con contraseñas estáticas?


[heading type=4]Is Your Organization At Risk With Static Passwords?[/heading]

We continue to read about countless security and data breaches in the news– Apple iCloud, Russian Hackers, Home Depot, Target, and P.F. Changs, among others. Many of these breaches have involved the compromise of static passwords. Increasingly, organizations are recognizing that usernames and static passwords (even the complex ones) alone do not provide adequate security.

  • Is your organization at risk with insecure static passwords?
  • What is the value of your organization’s data and reputation?
  • What would the cost be for unauthenticated access to your systems and information?
  • Does your organization use costly and outdated hardware tokens or smart cards to address strong authentication?
SyferLock (www.syferlock.com) is a provider of next-generation token-less authentication solutions. SyferLock can mitigate the risk of static passwords and can help you address your difficult authentication questions.

SyferLock offers an innovative software-based alternative to hard tokens, smart cards and other authentication solutions. SyferLock delivers two-factor and multi-factor authentication utilizing patented software-based grids to convert static passwords/PINs into device-less one-time passwords/PINs (OTPs), without the need for hardware tokens and without any dependency on a cell phone like SMS-based solutions.
Increasingly, enterprises are turning to SyferLock and its superior software-based authentication solutions to

  • Strengthen security
  • Eliminate hardware tokens
  • Reduce Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)

SyferLock’s Software-based Authentication Solutions
To learn more about how SyferLock software-based solutions can help your organization strengthen authentication and reduce cost, or for information about becoming a SyferLock Sales Partner, contact us at  or at +1.(855).SYFERLOCK. If you want more information in Spanish language, please contact with call to +34916398550 or click here