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microTemp - Temperature Alert System Micromouse

microTemp – Temperature Alert System

Temperature alert system that can be sent alerts messages via E-mail and SMS messages


microTemp System was developed to have under control the room temperature. In case that temperature reach the threshold, this system alert to administrator, or person designed.

This alert could be sent by a SMS or E-mail . This system is be able to manage two diferent thresholds, to alert via SMS or E-mail, depending of gravity issue. This alerts are configuring by administrator, for example, e-mail directions and phone numbers.

microTemp is a set of software and hardware (USB Temperature sensor and optional GSM modem, to send SMS).


The temperature system alert microTemp obtains room temperature using a sensor connected via USB to the computer. This signal is managed by microTemp, comparing with the previous measure and, if this temperature reach the first threshold, send an alert via SMS or E-mail. In case that reach the second threshold, microTemp send a second SMS or E-mail to the user or groups of users configured in microTemp.

microTemp Temperature alert system console offers information about the real temperature, historical minimum and maximum, with the last alert sent.

microTemp consola


microTemp installation not need special requirements. Previous to installation, only is necessary to plug the temperature sensor to a USB port in the computer that microTemp will be installed. Aditionally, if we want to send SMS, is necessary to conect a GSM modem to the same computer/server. This GSM modem could be serial or USB.

Every threshold has his own configuration:

  • Temperature threshold.
  • Minimum interval between alerts.
  • E-mail recipients.
  • SMS recipients.


microTemp umbral


microTemp Central Console

microTemp central console offers the posiblitty to view from only one point, information about all temperature sensors installed, in one or diferents rooms.

This console only have the capacity to show information about all temperature sensors, because not allow setup or modify parameters in the system.

  • Central information: Allow to share a folder and write information about many sensors.
  • Central console: From any sensor with folder access, is be able to show the information of all nodes that writing in the central folder.


microTemp consola central

Using a color code, is representing different sensor states.

  • White color, temperature is under alert threshold.
  • Yellow color, temperature reach the first threshold.
  • Red color, temperature reach the second threshold.


In the system configuration, the administrator will be able to:

  • Interval between readings
  • SMTP server to use alert by E.mail.
  • GSM modem port
  • GSM Card Pin
  • License key
  • Centralized logs folder


mTemp confirguración



Compatibility and certifications.

microTemp is Windows 7 Platform Ready. Windows 7 Platform Ready Tool establish if the applications satisfy all the requirements and test cases that Microsoft recommended.



The sensor that use microTemp have the Certification CE and FCC.

microTemp evaluation.

To evaluate the Alert System microTemp, need to download the application, also you need a temperature sensor. If you want to test the SMS alert, you need a GSM modem and a SIM card.

If you want more information about microTemp, please, contact with us in  or by phone +34916398550.